About us

Our Mission

Memphis Youth Baseball and Softball Organization is a nonprofit program to service the youth of our community. Its goal is to provide children with an enjoyable baseball and softball experience, which includes learning the basic skills of the game, teaching and instructing youth in the rules of baseball/softball, promoting teamwork, and developing skills necessary to play youth baseball and softball safely. MYBSO is made possible by a volunteer board of directors, parent volunteers, sponsors and participation fees within the Memphis community.  The goal of MYBSO is to provide the community with an exceptional educational athletic organization that provides enjoyment and satisfaction by all.


MYBSO is committed to:


-Providing a quality instructional program that teaches fundamental skills, tactics, and strategies for the game of baseball and softball;

-Preparing the youth athlete for participation at the next level of play;

-Increasing the skill knowledge with safe healthy techniques and providing safe non-threatening environments;

-Supporting the ideal that the winning of games is secondary to the molding of exceptional citizens;

-Promoting and developing core values such as respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, courage, effort, and commitment that will benefit their futures and the communities in which they live;

-Establishing standards of participation for all volunteers, board members, coaches, officials, athletes and spectators;

-Encouraging a positive atmosphere by showing support and patience for all athletes and volunteers;

-Creating a culture in which volunteers, coaches, parents, officials, and athletes work together to achieve our mission.


We understand that volunteers and parental support make this possible for the youth in our community and look forward to working with them to continue to build a program that is molding our youth.




MYBSO Board of Directors


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